Governing Body

Governance Structure

     ARM is governed, managed and controlled by an Executive Committee consisting of 7 members including 3 office bearers. The members of the Executive Committee are elected from among the general members every three years. The Executive Committee, which is the main decision-making platform of the Organization, is represented by the veteran social workers, teachers, housewives, and the villagers coming from all walks of life. Any important decision is take by majority vote in the meeting of the Executive Committee. Besides, there is a General Body represented by 9 members. The Executive Committee sometimes forms different Monitoring Cells and Bodies for the supervision of different projects and activities. There are also different staffs for special programmes.

Organogram/Administrative Structure


List of Governing Body

The detailed list of Governing Body members as on 31st March 2016 is given below:

Name Age Gender Position on Executive Committee Occupation Area of Competency Meetings Attended
Ms. Sumati Raj 48 F Chairperson Social Work Group Management 4/4
Mr. Rajendra Pradhan 74 M Vice
Former High School Headmaster Academics 4/4
Mr. Rajendra Kumar Rana 59 M Co-ordinating Member Social Work Organisation Management 4/4
Ms. Jayanti Giri 45 F Treasurer Social Work Rural Development 4/4
Jhadeswar Pradhan 59 M Member Teacher Education 4/4
Debasis Chaudhuri 53 M Member Social Work Fund raising 4/4
Mrs. Sumati Ranga 49 F Member Housewife SHG organisation 4/4