Success Story 5

Mrs. Subhabati Jena (45), W/o-Rabindra Jena of Parulia village in Baliapal Block is a poor Scheduled Caste woman. She and her husband earned their family livelihood from fishing and cane work. During rainy season they used to go for fishing and in rest of the year they had to depend on the small earning from cane work for sustaining their family livelihood. Including the couple, their four children directly depended on their small income. So, they were in deep financial crisis. They had no sustainable means of business to support her family due to lack of sufficient finance. However, ARM support provided them their much needed extra thrust to fall on cane work business round the year. Both the couple and their eldest son have expertise in the work as they have been in the occupation for a long time. She had applied for ARM entrepreneurshipprogramme. After being selected by the organization she was provided with the first installment of Rs.2500. Subhabati’s husband sells their cane products in the local markets and earns a good profit from it. Her business is running very well.

Subhabati was selected for ARM entrepreneurship after a fair assessment was made on her poor economic status and skill in cane works. She was a hardworking and sincere woman. Considering their expertise in the said business and the provision for marketability of her products, the organization granted her the first installment of ARM to enable her to start her business. She did not require any training for it. She had a good hand in this traditional work. After three months ,on receiving her business progress report the 2nd installment (Rs.2500)was released to Subhabati. She has completed one year of successful business with the organization.

Subhabati is now a happy woman because ARM has given her the much needed strength to prosper. Her family members have given all support to make it a profitable business. She is not only capable of making provisions of good food and good dress to her children, she can also make special arrangements for them in festive occasions. She has high opinions of girl child education and girl child rights. She has purchased bricks and erected brick walls for constructing a house to live in. However, it still remains to be completed. She has been able to save Rs.4000/- from the profit of her business. She is encouraged by the result of her labour and willingness. She wants to reinvest her money to expand the cane work business.

Various skill development trainings have been organized for the real needy entrepreneurs for boosting their business capacities. To gauge the progress of the business, timely monitoring and evaluation programmes are conducted by the organization from time to time. Actions are taken to sustain the business of entrepreneurs through linkages with concerned resource agencies operating in the block area. We take care to help the business entrepreneurs through our micro credit support networking, formation of cluster groups and establishing block level forum. The organization has been able to establish a good rapport with the local Govt. and bank authorities to assist women entrepreneurs to sustain their business.