Success Story 1

Jugendra Nandi, is a landless laborer who lives at the village Pardipa in Baliapal block in Balasore district in Odisha. He is 50 years old and is a high school drop-out. He left his studies after Class – VIII. He used to live in a mud-built house with 6 family members including his wife and children. He belongs to backward communities and maintains his livelihood by working as landless laborer. His income is too meager to have a handsome living. The above picture shows his wife as he was at work while the photographs were taken.

In the last cyclone-cum-flood (phailin) his mud-built house was totally collapsed rendering the family homeless. As he had no means to rebuild the house he was selected for the housing program. A new house has been built from the project of economic rehabilitation programme for the cyclone-cum-flood victims financed by ACA-Bestseller Fund, Denmark in his own land where the previous house existed. He has also contributed in labour for the construction of the house.

He is happy to get a new house. But he only requests for a toilet for his family.