Success Story 2

Padmalochan Jena is a 48 years old married man who lives with 5 family members at the village Sardasahi in Baliapal block in Balasore district in Odisha. He maintains his livelihood by working as agricultural laborer in others’ land. As agricultural operations are limited in his village and its neighboring area, he does not get employment for more than 100 days in a year. He has to migrate to nearby towns in search of jobs. His income is very low and the family lives in extreme poverty being divorced from the modern amentias of life.

In the last cyclone-cum-flood (phailin) his house was totally collapsed and his family became shelter-less. They started staying in a temporary makeshift. He was selected as one of the beneficiaries as he had no resources to reconstruct his house.

And ultimately the struggle ended for the family of Padmalochan Jena. They have now got a newly built house from the project. They have also contributed in labour for the construction of their house. The family is very pleased to have a new house and they have already started living in their newly built house.