Success Story 4


Sungamuhan is a small village in Baliapal block in Balasore district in Odisha. Here lives our beneficiary Dinabandhu Parida who is 51 years old. He lives in a mud-built house with 6 family members. He had to drop-out from the Junior High School due to poverty. He is a marginal farmer who owns only 1.25 acres of land. As the agricultural production is not sufficient for the maintenance of the family, he has to work also as a daily labourer on others’ land. So far, he had been cultivating paddy in his land in a traditional way. The paddy which he used to get from his land was only sufficient to give the family food security for only 4 to 5 months. For the remaining months he had to work on others’ land.

His cup of misery was full to its brim while the paddy crop he cultivated in his land in the year 2013 was totally damaged by the cyclone-cum-flood (phailin). The poor family became destitute. He was selected as one of the beneficiaries of the agriculture component of the Economic Rehabilitation Program funded by ACA-Bestseller. He was given 2 days training in the scientific system of HYV paddy cultivation. After the training was over he was given seeds of HYV paddy, bio-fertilizers and bio-pest for growing HYV paddy in 1 acre of land in a scientific way. He was also constantly followed-up from the project.

He has harvested his paddy crop in the 1st week of January, 2015. It is really a good harvest. He has got 1925 kilogram of paddy from 1 acre of land area. It will ensure the food security to the whole family for the whole year. It will also give a good source of income to the whole family. Dinabandhu now expects to send his daughter to a College. It is a remarkable change in his life. He is very happy to have a good harvest. He is also convinced about the scientific system of farming. He promises to continue scientific way of farming.